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By Punarnava Ayurveda

Sukhayus is the premium wellness retreat is situated in a heritage property at the venerable historic city of Fort Kochi, carrying a rich history and heritage with a unique blend of Dutch, Portuguese, British, Jewish and Arab influences. The ultimate holistic wellness destination offering the best of Ayurveda and a wide range of alternative healing and restorative therapies from around the world.

All programmes offered by SUKHAYUS are tailor-made to suit each individual’s unique body constitution. The treatments offered here are designed with a scientific approach, while drawing inspiration from nature. A careful assessment is made of the individual’s physical, physiological, mental, aesthetic conditions before treatment is prescribed

PUNARNAVA, group of holistic hospitals with over 40 experienced doctors, unique facilities that helps restore the natural balance by combining modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and complementary therapies used worldwide. Punarnava is established in 1994 is the first of kind, brings in the best medical doctors and therapies from around the world. All modern diagnostic methods are used to get a proper, precise diagnosis and along with classical Ayurvedic treatments and other supported therapies, like Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Yoga & Naturopathy are combined together so as to benefit the needy. The word Punarnava means “New Again”. At Punarnava we have curative treatment programmes to promote and improve the health of every person.


Dr Anvar BAMS, MD(Ay)

Founder & CMD

A doctor, philanthropist, educationist and visionary, Dr. Anvar is the founder of PUNARNAVA. Specialist in Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases with 23 years of Professional Experience. Chief Ayurveda Physician, KIMS Ayurveda Research Center, at Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvananthapuram. President, Continuing Ayurveda Awareness Program (CAAP) International Chapter. State Vice President of Ayurveda Hospital Management Association Chairman, Scientific Committee of Ayurveda Hospital Management Association.

Dr. Jaseela Anvar BAMS, MS(Ay)

Medical Director

She is a holistic physician with over 19 years experience in treating complex problems in ENT, Paediatric and Genealogical cases. Robert Koch Medal winner from Euro Medical, Germany for documentation of Supportive Therapy for developmental delay in children.

Dr. M R V Namboothiri BAM, MD(Ay)

Director & Consultant Director

Dr. M R V Namboothiri is the Honorary Consultant Director, Member of the executive committee CCIM(Central Council of Indian Medicine) Department of Ayush. Former Director of Ayurveda Medical Education, Former Principal, "Govt. Ayurveda College", Trivandrum, Dean Principal, "Amrita School Of Ayurveda", Experience of more than 35 years.


At Sukhayus, a detailed personal consultation for guests is conducted by our Senior Doctors. Guest would go through complete diagnosis(both modern diagnostic and traditional diagnostic procedures)our team of doctors access the guest’s condition then offer short and long-term therapeutic solutions that will help the guest to rejuvenate, improve organ health and boost the immune system.

Being one of the very few wellness centres run by NABH Certified Hospital(PUNARNAVA), Sukhayus offers the best of Ayurveda and a wide range of alternative healing and restorative therapies from around the world like the fallowing..



A personalised wellness programmes are offered to every guest with various alternative medical therapies, yoga and diet. Our programme does not involve any harmful drugs or operating procedures.

• Rejuvenation Programme
• Body Purification Programme
• Immune Care Programme
• Spine Care Programme
• Weight Loss Programme
• Rasayana Chikitsa
• Relaxation Programme
• Post Delivery - Mother Care
• Fem 40 Care(For females of menopausal age)


Experience the serenity of nature with modern convenience at this blissful haven.

SUKHAYUS offer 16 premium rooms & 2 suites are designed with classic elegance in the colonial architectural and blend of modern design seemliness with in sync with heritage town. Each room is a haven in itself with luxurious beds, perfectly appointed bathrooms with bathtubs overlooking landscaped gardens.


The menus designed at Sukhayus, are based on the key principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is centred on three bio-energy forces called doshas ― vata, pitta and kapha. Each person has a unique combination of these doshas, and that composition is called one’s Prakruti. A day to-day menu is designed as per the dietary requirements prescribed by our Ayurveda Doctors. Most of the vegetables and herbs which are used in the food preparation are from our organic garden. The water served here has the herbal infusion in it to fortify dietary values. These diet menus are designed after the assessment of body constitution and current health condition.


Sukhayus is an art connoisseur's delight. There are exquisite paintings on the walls about rural agricultural experience & traditional kerala lifestyle. Fine collection of medicinal herbs are displayed artistically through large collection of herbariums on the walls of the retreat's common areas


Destination & Activities

Explore the historic town of Fort Kochi, is a jewel in the crown of Kerala with its European heritage and true cosmopolitan temperament. A leisurely walk through its streets is one of the best ways to discover all that the city has to offer like architectural marvels like 16th Century Basilicas, Dutch Palace,Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Synagogue of Jew Town, Indo-Portuguese Museum, Ancient Chines fishing nets, Libraries, Art Galleries, Cafe, Cultural Centres, Curio Stores, Kochi's natural harbour and many other historical & Cultural sites. A boat ride across the breathtaking blue lagoons and backwaters offers a glimpse of kochi's rural life and its true beauty.

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Your journey begins here with experiences that will help you recover your inner self to strike the perfect balance. Where gentle touch of exquisite therapies will leave you nourished with perfection.

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